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OTLVISE Owners     

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~~ ~~This listing is provided as a courtesy to Customers who have purchased the OTLVISE Invention. Business's that are now in a position to move the slate SAFER and Easier as a result of their investment. On The Level Billiards LLC (OTLB)does NOT have any direct affiliation with the Business's listed other than that they are doing business in the trade and have chosen to purchase a tool that allows them to perform their job SAFER. It is up to you the Customer to decide who you wish to have service your table and thusly at that point engage the Company of YOUR choice. OTLB assumes NO responsibility for the Companies listed and their appearance on this page is merely a courtesy. Any Issues that may arise are between the Customer and the Company they have chosen ONLY. So for legal reasons this statement has been made to relieve OTLB from any and all potential liabilities that may arise from Customers who may try to implicate OTLB in some way. At the end of the day as a Customer you decide who will work for you and it is suggested you ask that Particular Vendor their OWN BUSINESS PRACTICES.

This paragraph is sadly due to SUE HAPPY AMERICA!