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These Business's also cooperate amongst themselves through the sharing of information and techniques that enable them to be leaders in this craft. 

Methods and Practices shared to make the task of Moving, Setting up and repairing Pool tables for the best possible end results.  That benefits you the Customer.


ALL Members of this site are known to be legitimate Business's and NOT someone moonlighting.  This is a full time job for them.  NOT all purchasers of the OTLVISE unit are listed here; yet are still Members. Their absence is by choice and in many cases are already too busy to accept more work from New Customers. 

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Our Standards

The BMA Consists of Members who have paid NO fees and are interested solely for the betterment and professionalism of the trade.   

From antiques to Billiard\Snooker tables, new and old.  Pool tables of every sort...  The Members of the BMA have worked on them all.

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This Table done by Jim Josef

Ames Billiards NH 

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Mission Statement

Pool Table Moving, Pool Table Repair / Service : This site serves as a FREE Directory for Billiard and Pool Table Mechanics that have purchased the      OTLVISE       Slate moving Invention.  It is a courtesy site created by the Inventor OTLB(On The Level Billiards LLC). The site provides you the customer a listing of Business's who have chosen to operate with a  NEWLY PATENTED US Patent, 8312598,8573608, D719000 

THE SAFE tool that benefits all involved. It reduces the risk of injury to Handlers and Property.(YOURS)  As a customer don't you think its important to utilize a business that thinks rolling slate is SAFER than carrying it?